Annie Stilettos lives in Central New York! When she’s not at work as an insurance agent, she is plotting and planning her next shoot! She likes to shoot 50’s era, modern pinup and boudoir, but is always open to trying new things.


She got her first taste of a pinup/boudoir photo shoot back in 2013 as a gift from her husband.  She was hooked! Since then she has shot with many photographers and been published in several pinup magazines. In addition to magazine publication, be on the lookout for her 2017 Annie Stilettos Calendar!


She’s a model with Heels For Combat Boots, an organization of pinups who assist our servicemen and women with PTSD/TBI.


Some of Annie’s inspirations are Marilyn Monroe, Bettie Page and Lucille Ball!


In addition to this website, you can find her on FacebookInstagram and Twitter!